Maeve | Modern RGB Dimmable Smart LED Ceiling Light

Maeve | Modern RGB Dimmable Smart LED Ceiling Light


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Size: Ø 12in
Color: White
Style: ABS & Acrylic
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Transform Your Space with the Ultimate Smart LED Ceiling Light

Step into a world where every beat of your favorite track is matched by a pulse of light, crafting an immersive experience that's just a tap away. Introducing our Smart LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker—a fusion of brilliant lighting and crystal-clear sound, designed to enrich your home's atmosphere.

Personalize Your Ambiance: Brightness & Color at Your Fingertips

Your lighting sets the mood, and our Smart LED Ceiling Light is your palette. Whether you're hosting a lively party or seeking the solace of a calm retreat, adjust the brightness and color temperature with precision to conjure the vibe you desire.

Unparalleled Convenience: Smart Controls at Your Command 

Embrace the ease of modern technology. Control your lighting without moving an inch—our Smart LED Ceiling Light pairs with a handy remote, an intuitive smartphone app, and even your traditional wall switch. The power of illumination is now in your hands, wherever you are, however you prefer.

Wake Up Rejuvenated: Alarms & Schedules That Work for You

Begin your day enveloped in a warm glow and the soft melody of your choice. Our LED Ceiling Light's timer and alarm clock features allow you to set schedules that align with your lifestyle, providing a morning welcome that's as refreshing as the dawn itself. 

Stargaze Indoors: A Ceiling that Captivates

Bring the wonder of a night sky into your home. The starry sky screen design of our LED Ceiling Light invites a celestial experience to your bedroom or nursery, ensuring a soothing backdrop that banishes nighttime fears and bathes you in a constellation of calming light.

Specifications That Shine 

  • Light Source: Energy-efficient LED Bulbs
  • Material: Durable ABS & Acrylic for lasting elegance
  • Installation: Simple, surface-mounted design
  • Style: Contemporary flair that complements any decor
  • Control: Multi-method remote control for your convenience
  • Coverage: Illuminates 10-15 square meters, ideal for various room sizes
  • Versatility: Fully dimmable to suit your every mood
  • Added Perks: Enjoy the functionality of timing and a built-in clock

Elevate your living space with our Smart LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker—where every moment is illuminated with the perfect blend of light and sound.

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