Alara | Chic Round Ring Pendant Ceiling Light

Alara | Chic Round Ring Pendant Ceiling Light


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Size: Ø 24in * 16in
Color: White
Material: Iron & Aluminium & Acrylic
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Discover the Elegance of Simplicity with Our Chic Round Ring Pendant Ceiling Light

Transform your home into a beacon of sophistication with the sleek design of our Chic Round Ring Pendant Ceiling Light. Meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the finer things, this pendant light is the epitome of minimalist elegance. Its unique round ring shape sets a new standard for contemporary lighting.

Illuminate Your World with Style

Bask in the gentle glow of our Chic Round Ring Pendant Ceiling Light, engineered to infuse any room with a warm and inviting aura. Whether hosting an elegant soiree, unwinding after a long day, or sharing a romantic meal, the soft luminescence of this lighting masterpiece will enhance every moment.

Versatility Meets Design 

Our pendant light’s adjustable height feature allows you to tailor the ambience to your taste. From a soft, intimate glow to a bright, welcoming shine, this light adapts to your every need. Perfectly suited for any room, it's the ideal accent for your dining area, a statement piece for your living room, or a calming presence in your bedroom. 

Effortless Installation, Timeless Enjoyment

Forget the frustration of complex setups. This pendant light is the epitome of simplicity, with easy-to-follow instructions that ensure a swift and painless installation. Low maintenance by design, it promises endless nights bathed in the perfect light with hardly any effort.

Make a Statement of Modern Elegance

Envision the sheer impact of our Chic Round Ring Pendant Ceiling Light on your home's aesthetic. It's not just a light fixture, it's a transformative piece of art that will revitalize any room. Ditch the mundane lighting of yesteryear and welcome the future of interior design with open arms. 

Highlight Features for a Highlighted Home

  • Unique multiple ring composition for an eye-catching centerpiece.
  • Customizable height to tailor lighting effects to your preference.
  • Streamlined installation for a quick and easy lighting upgrade.
  • A versatile showpiece for an array of rooms and styles.
  • A harmonious fusion of fashion, function, and user-friendly design.

    Technical Specifications

    • Size:  Ø 24in * 16in
    • Voltage: 110-120v
    • Hertz: 60Hz
    • Plug Type: Hardwired
    • Bulb Type: LED
    • Light Type: 3000K Warm Light
    • Wire Length: 72 Inches
    • Colors: Black & Coffee 
    • Materials: Iron & Aluminum & Acrylic
    • Warranty: 2 Years Limited Warranty

    Upgrade your home with our Chic Round Ring Pendant Ceiling Light today and indulge in the luxury of modern lighting.

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